Vreugdekreet van een meisje dat carnaval viert. (7) letters

Assuming the phrase “Vreugdekreet van een meisje dat carnaval viert. (7 letters)” is a Dutch word puzzle or riddle, the answer with seven letters could be ALAHO (Hurray).


  • Vreugdekreet: This phrase translates to “cry of joy” or “cheer” in English.

  • Meisje: This word means “girl” in Dutch.

  • Carnaval: This refers to the pre-Lenten celebration held in many countries, particularly in Europe and Latin America.

  • ALAHO: This is a common exclamation of joy or excitement, especially used during celebrations like carnival.

The riddle suggests a joyful expression or cheer that a girl might use during carnival festivities. The word “ALAHO” is a popular choice for such an expression, often associated with children and lighthearted celebrations.

Additional thoughts:

  • The riddle captures the essence of carnival as a time of revelry and unrestrained joy, particularly for children.

  • The riddle’s brevity and lack of explicit context leave room for various interpretations, adding to its intriguing nature.

  • The riddle could also be interpreted as a reminder to embrace moments of joy and celebration in life.

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