Produceren kameraden die peulen schijten dit ook? (7) letters

Based on the provided riddle “Produceren kameraden die peulen schijten dit ook? (7 letters)” and the fact that the answer is a 7-letter word, the most likely solution is ERWTEN (Peas).


  • Kameraden: This Dutch word translates to “comrades” or “friends” in English.

  • Peulen schijten: This phrase is a colloquial expression that can be interpreted as “to produce flatulence” or “to pass gas.”

  • ERWTEN: This word means “peas” in Dutch.

The riddle suggests a comparison between the flatulence-producing effects of certain foods and the potential for “kameraden” (comrades) to also produce similar results. The reference to peas specifically could be due to their reputation for causing gas.

Additional thoughts:

  • The riddle’s humor lies in its lighthearted and somewhat gross nature, using bodily functions as a source of amusement.

  • The riddle’s brevity and lack of explicit context leave room for various interpretations, adding to its intriguing nature.

  • The riddle could also be interpreted as a commentary on the camaraderie and shared experiences that can arise among friends, even those involving bodily functions.

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