Lachende lijkenpikker

“Lachende lijkenpikker” literally translates to “laughing corpse picker” in English. However, due to the unsettling nature of the phrase, it’s unlikely to have a direct translation that conveys the full meaning. Here are some interpretations depending on the context:

  • Derogatory Term: It’s most likely meant as a derogatory term for someone who profits from misfortune or death. This could be someone who exploits grieving families, steals from the deceased, or engages in other disrespectful or morbid activities.

  • Dark Humor: In a specific context, it could be used with dark humor to describe someone who has a morbid sense of humor and finds amusement in death-related topics. However, this usage is risky due to the offensive nature of the phrase.

  • Fictional Character: It could be a name for a fictional character, perhaps a villain or a creature associated with death.


  • Gier: This translates to vulture and carries the connotation of someone who preys on the dead or unfortunate.

  • Profiteur van de dood: This translates to “profiteer of death” and directly describes someone who benefits from death.

  • Zwarte humor: This translates to “black humor” and refers to humor that deals with dark or morbid subjects.

Important Note:

“Lachende lijkenpikker” is a very strong and potentially offensive term. It’s best to avoid using it unless you fully understand the context and potential impact. Consider using one of the alternatives depending on your desired meaning.

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