fleur 3 letters

Unfortunately, “fleur” itself has 5 letters, not 3. However, depending on what you’re looking for, here are some possibilities:

Words within “fleur” with 3 letters:

  • Lis: This is the last part of “fleur-de-lis,” a stylized lily symbol used in heraldry and as the emblem of Quebec.
  • Lyr: This is a less common alternative spelling of “lire,” an old French unit of currency.
  • Fer: This means “iron” in French.
  • Feu: This means “fire” in French.
  • Flu: This is a short form of “influenza.”

Anagrams of “fleur” with 3 letters:

  • Elf: A mythical creature in folklore.
  • Erf: A small plot of land in South Africa.
  • Ler: A German word for “noise” or “uproar.”
  • Lur: A type of ancient trumpet.

Other possibilities:

  • Fleur: If you’re looking for a name, some shortened versions of “Fleur” include Flo, Fia, or Fez.
  • Fleury: This is a French surname that could be the source of “fleur.”

Please provide more context about what you’re looking for, and I can try to give you a more specific answer.

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