Boodschappen om medevennoot te worden. (7) letters

Based on the clue “Boodschappen om medevennoot te worden. (7 letters)” and the fact that the answer is a 7-letter word, the most likely solution is PARTNER (Partner).


  • Boodschappen: This Dutch word translates to “messages” or “instructions” in English.

  • Medevennoot: This word means “partner” or “co-owner” in Dutch.

  • PARTNER: This word perfectly fits the description of a message or instruction related to becoming a partner or co-owner.

The riddle suggests that there are specific requirements or guidelines for becoming a partner or co-owner in a business or venture. These “boodschappen” (messages) could outline the responsibilities, expectations, and process involved in joining a partnership.

Additional thoughts:

  • The riddle highlights the importance of clear communication and understanding when forming a partnership.

  • The riddle’s brevity and lack of explicit context leave room for various interpretations, adding to its intriguing nature.

  • The riddle could also be interpreted as a metaphor for any situation where someone seeks to join or collaborate with another individual or group.

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