Anijslikeur 8 letters

Based on the clues “anijslikeur” and “8 letters,” there are a few possible answers:

  • Ouzo: A popular Greek anise-flavored liqueur known for its cloudy appearance when diluted with water.
  • Raki: A strong Turkish anise-based spirit similar to ouzo, often enjoyed neat or with ice.
  • Sambuca: An Italian liqueur flavored with licorice and anise, often served flaming as a digestif.
  • Anisette: A general term for any anise-flavored liqueur, but also used as a specific brand name in some countries.

If you have any additional context or clues about the specific liqueur you’re thinking of, I might be able to narrow it down further. For example, is it a popular brand, is it associated with a particular country, or does it have any unique color or flavor characteristics?

I hope this helps!

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